• About Academic Libraries

    Academic libraries are the oceans of knowledge and the biggest source for exploratory research. 567985679578They are involved up to a great deal in the educational development of a country. They serve a variety of customers throughout the year; under-graduates, graduates, masters, Ph.D scholars, and lecturers, etc. Library services is not just to provide what reading material a customer wants, but it is far beyond than this task. To offer these devout services, academic libraries need to ensure highest quality of customer services and perfection in their operations management. | custom essay writing help |

    Why Library services are needed?

    Library is a place where thousands of books, periodicals, magazines, research papers, and other research material is available all the time. But if there is no one to provide guidance in accessing these valuables, even a splendid library building will just like a dark stock room where no one would like to enter. There must be a highly adept staff, with good inter-personal skills, dedicated to provide customer services in an efficient and disciplined way.

    How Customers generally measure the quality of library services?

    Every library customer has his own way of perception; some customers measure the quality on the basis of speed with which the service is provided, while some perceive it as the second preferred choice making internet as the first and visit them once in a blue moon. | college research paper |

    Typically, academic library customers measure the quality of customer services in the following three ways:

    1. Their past experience with the library and other service organizations (like banks and financial institutions, airline corporations, hospitals, etc.)
    2. Comparison of service quality with that of other libraries they have personally visited.

    Comparison with the quality standards in place regarding library services. | buy research paper |

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