• Business Writing- Why it is a lost art? What people fail to realize

    It is a very common misconception that people in high positions have excellent writing skills. I have read emails from MD’s and GM’s where they have used very Basic English and sometimes even your everyday jargon.

    One of the biggest casualties of the email is the death of the hand written letter. In the earlier days all official communication was via hand written letters. Hence these letters would have excellent grammar and spelling. The letters from individuals in high posts would be extremely polished.

    What people fail to realize is that written etiquette is necessary for Emails also. Imagine this. You are a CEO of an organization. You are writing to the CEO of another company wanting to explore business opportunities with them. If your email contained spelling mistakes or words like “We’re” instead of “We are”, what impression will you make?


    An email says a lot about an individual. It indicates if the individual has researched the subject of the email. It creates an impression in the mind of the reader. The impression can be positive or negative depending on the content of the email. | essay writing for sale |

    To ensure that you always make the correct impression, use the following pointers.

    Always have pre saved templates ready. This will ensure that you do not waste time in typing out an email over and over again.

    Always ensure that your email has a flow. Every email should have a start, main body and closing. This will help the reader understand your point better.

    Do not write long emails. Please keep your emails short and restricted to a couple of paragraphs (in case of a detailed email). You can have a detailed discussion with the recipient/s later.

    Keep it professional. Do not let any personal communication be included in your official emails. It leaves a bad impression. | buy custom papers |

    Use correct grammar and spellings in all your emails. This is very important. An incorrect use of a word will give the reader the impression that your language skills are weak.

    Send the final draft to yourself. This will help you see the email through the eyes of the invidual/s who you wish to address. Always read the email from a 3rd party perspective

    Finally before you hit the send button always run a spell check. This will ensure that there are no mistakes missed from your end. Remember a business email communication in today’s world is similar to a hand written letter. It should be taken seriously and should be error free.

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