• College Paper-How College Paper is it different from High School

    So you have made it to college. Everything seems super sized. The campus, the class rooms, the syllabus, the parties. You make an effort to balance your academic responsibilities and other commitments.

    But since you need some extra dough, you pick up some part time work over the weekends and in addition you also agree to tutor some classmates of yours.

    Everything is going smoothly till it comes time to turn in your first paper in college.

    You write it in an essay form and submit it for grading. However the next day the professor calls you to his/her cabin and informs you that you need to upgrade your skills and turn in a better paper to get a good grade. Now where does that leave you? You thought your essay writing skills were good and you depended on them all through high school. But here you find yourself in a position where you have to upgrade your skills in a very short period of time. You ask your seniors and no one is able to give you any pointers which will help you. What next? You can approach a writing service but that means all the extra cash earned goes to them. Well there is another way.


    First the similarities- You do not need to upgrade your skills drastically. Writing a college paper is almost similar to writing an essay in high school. Both require you to present data in a structure. Both require data to be condensed without missing the crux of the information. Both require perfect grammar and spelling.

    Now the difference- College professors look for students who can present them something more than the obvious. They want information which is a lot more refined than high school. It is not that hard to achieve if you know how to go about it.

    Let’s examine how you can do this. There are 3 pointers you need to keep in mind-

    Choose a topic – This is very crucial. The topic you select should be one that you feel you can research in depth and produce a strong research paper. Always remember that you should take a stand which you can back up with facts. It may seem that you have a very narrow point of view, but it will help provide you direction in research.

    Compile the paper-This is where you have to show off your skills. Ensure it has the following structure-

    Index- This should have all the details of the material and the page numbers

    Introduction-You should introduce the writer to the subject. Do not write a big introduction.

    Body/Methodology-You should introduce the writer to the methodology adopted by you while doing the research .Again write a short summary and do not over burden the reader with information

    Results- This will be an extension of the methodology used by you. Again keep it simple. Do not exaggerate.

    Conclusion-Write a strong conclusion based on facts. Do not write a conclusion which does not support your methodology or the results of your methods used.

    Follow these methods and you will get in the habit of writing a good college paper.

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