• Writing-How to write a good assignment? What your professor Expects

    When you start to write a good assignment, always think of the finished product. Think hard of what your professor expects from the assignment.

    They way to do this is simple. Always think backwards. First put your self in the professor’s shoes and visualize him/her correcting 20 different assignments.  With a deadline in place do you think that the professor has time to look at each paper in detail?

    Here is a secret- Most professors do a skim read. What this means is that they will go through a paper and look out for certain key points related to the topic. If for example the topic is milk, they will look for explanations of the benefits of milk, the various milking animals used etc. This helps them judge if the student has a grasp on the topic. Another point they look out for is grammar and spelling. If a student cannot spell correctly or cannot construct a grammatically correct sentence, it indicates that the student is weak and the professor will have to ask for a redo of the assignment.


    There are also 2 other factors professors look for –a) Plagiarism-Have two students submitted a near identical paper or has a student submitted a paper similar to their sibling or friends who are a year ahead. b) Additional content- Has a student mentioned anything on a topic like milk allergies? This will indicate that the student does his/her research thoroughly.

    Now you know what a teacher looks for .Now the question is what steps you should take to write a good paper.

    First do not over think the assignment. Most students make the mistake of over thinking and writing a real complex paper which is difficult to follow and assess. This actually goes against the student because if the professor cannot follow what the student is trying to convey, how can he or she do a fair grading of the paper.

    Secondly cover all aspects both positive and negative. When custom essay writing on a topic, always ensure that you present a holistic picture .Every topic no matter how small always have benefits and side effects. If you take a topic like technology, while there are 1000 benefits, there also side effects like radiation from cell towers. Explain both the plus points and the negative points in detail.

    Thirdly stick to the facts. While doing research stay away from authors and sites who make claims which cannot be validated in any way. Example-If you have to write about space travel, do not talk about aliens and how they have managed it before us as this is a statement that no stream of science can validate.

    Finally present a conclusion which is balanced. Do not at any time present a conclusion which is leaning too much towards the positive or the negative. Present the facts like they are and do not gloss over one set of facts.

    Once you follow these steps your professor will have no hesitation is giving you a good grade

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