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Custom Paper FAQs

1. How can I trust your site?

Ans: We have built an experience over years to ensure that you receive the most brilliant quality paper tailored to your EXACT specifications before the deadline. If you have any queries and revisions, you can contact our Customer Support 24/7. If despite all revisions you are still dissatisfied with your paper, you can get a FULL refund.

2. How can you guarantee that your paper will meet my requirements?

Ans: We have built up our experience over years; we know how to satisfy you by writing a paper that exactly meets your requirements. The paper shall be uniquely tailored to the style of writing, length, citation style and other choices you specify. You can ask for as many revisions as you like with a full refund in case you are dissatisfied.

3. What is the mode of payment?

Ans:Payments can be made through Credit Cards and PayPal. We use a very secure and reliable Payment Gateway which ensures the safety of your money and your personal information.

4. What is your privacy policy?

Ans: We promise a Non-Disclosure agreement that clearly states that we shall not disclose your information to any third party nor shall we offer your paper to any other client.

5. What are the kinds of papers that you offer?

Ans:Because of the diversity and expertise of our research team we can offer ANY type of paper of ANY length, style and educational level except dissertations and thesis.

6. Shall I be refunded in case I am not satisfied?

Ans: Yes, of course! In fact you shall receive a full refund.

7. How can I ensure that my paper is not plagiarized?

Ans:Firstly, our writers have worked over the years to produce only high quality, original work. Secondly, our teams of proof readers ensure that your paper is thoroughly scrutinized for any inkling of plagiarism or typographical errors. We also use Turnitin Software to deduct any plagiarism in the paper.

8. How many revisions can I make?

Ans:We offer a service that no one else will ever offer you: YOU CAN MAKE AS MANY REVISIONS AS YOU WISH! Nevertheless if you are still dissatisfied, you can get a full refund.

9. Will my professor know that I have taken your help?

Ans:No! We have a strict privacy policy ensuring that your research paper will never be offered to anyone else. Unlike other websites who sell used and un-original work, with our service once a paper is sold, it becomes your property and shall not be available to anyone else.

10. How can I contact you if I want to make specifications or if I don't like my paper?

Ans: We welcome communication with our valued customers. You are invited to contact us by telephone, email or voice chat available 24 hours a day.

11. How will I receive my paper?

Ans:Our efficient researchers and email delivery ensures that there is never a missed deadline. You shall be emailed your paper at the email address of your choice.

12. How long will I have to wait before my paper is emailed to me?

Ans: Your paper shall be emailed to you before whatever deadline you have specified. We assure that we will never missed our deadline.

13. What are the qualifications of your researchers?

Ans: The minimum qualification of any researcher is a Graduation degree. Armed with an experience of many years, they come from diverse backgrounds and have studied at some of the best universities.

14. Do you offer a guarantee for your services?

Ans: We offer a 100% guarantee of our services and in case you are not satisfied you get a 100% refund.

15. How are you different from other essay writing companies?

Ans: Contrary to other services, we provide round the clock services and brilliant quality unmatched by any other competitor. We have qualified and experience writers who are always available to write your papers.

16. How do I place an order with your company?

Ans:Simply fill out the Order Form and make the payment.

17. I do not have a credit card; can I still place an order?

Ans: Sure! You can use PayPal.

18. In what format do I receive my paper?

Ans: Normally we use the Microsoft Word format (.doc extension) since it is the most commonly used. However you can specify any format that you prefer, for example: pdf.

19. Where is this business based?

Ans: This is a US based business, headquartered in ********* (insert address!!!)

20. Is it possible that you give me a plagiarized paper?

Ans: We have stringent plagiarism checks; you will NEVER receive a plagiarized paper.

21. Can my paper be traced back to your company?

Ans:There is no way a paper can be traced back with us. This happens with only those companies who give similar papers to their customers or who copy-paste papers already available freely on the internet. We do not indulge in such practices.

22. Will my credit card information be leaked or used elsewhere?

Ans: Your credit card information shall never be used for advertising or any other purposes. Our databases are secure and the chances of data being leaked are minimal.

23. Will I be sent undue emails or spam?

Ans: You will never be sent any extra emails or spam.

24. How many different citation styles can you produce

Ans: We can produce all the different citation styles currently being used like APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago.

25. Will you include a bibliography?

Ans: Yes, of course. This bibliography shall list all the sources used in the paper.

26. Will you include a Front Page?

Ans: Yes, of course!

27. With which file extension will my paper be sent to me?

Ans: The .doc extension is normally used. However if you specify another extension, your paper shall be emailed to you using that.

28. If I am facing any difficulties in my order, how shall it be resolved? Whom can I turn to?

Ans: We provide round the clock customer support where you can contact us by phone, fax or email.

29. How can I be sure that the paper will meet MY SPECIFIC requirements?

Ans: Your paper is very important to us and we shall follow your specifications to the dot. However if you are dissatisfied, you can make as many revisions as you wish.

30. Are there any hidden fees or extra charges?

Ans: Not at all!

31. How secure is this website?

Ans: This website operates on the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and as such is 100% secure.

32. Who will write my paper?

Ans: An experienced and adept writer with the relevant qualifications will write your paper.

33. Can I contact my writer?

Ans: You can communicate all your specifications via the customer support staff because they are experienced in customer service. Thus communication with the writer will not be required.

34. Who will own the work?

Ans: You will be the owner! Once the paper is mailed to you, it is 100% your possession. The company and writers shall not have any claim to it.

35. How many pages can you write?

Ans: We have no page limit, we can write as many pages as you specify.

36. Is there any guarantee for your services?

Ans: We provide a 100% guarantee of our services with the assurance of revising as many times as you wish.

37. How may I be confident about the confidentiality of your service?

Ans: We shall never disclose your data to any third party. We assure you that your paper can never be traced back to us.

38. Will there be extra charges for including of a title page, bibliography or email delivery?

Ans: Not at all!

39. Can you meet any deadline?

Ans: Yes! The shortest deadline is 24 hours.

40. What if you miss a deadline?

Ans: Firstly, there will be no missed deadlines. If ever that unfortunate event comes to pass, we shall refund you **** % of your order price.