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Book Report- Genuine Book Report Writing Service

Book Report

Book reports can be tedious especially if you are given a rare book which you have never read before. But rest assured that our experienced writers will not only read the entire book within the time period you require, but that they will also produce a quality book report that is completely customized to your needs. The book report will discuss not only the plot, background and setting of the book but will also cover the entire cast of major characters, poignant dialogues and author biography. A chapter-by-chapter summary shall also be provided if requested.
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Book Review

Book reviews can be difficult because first you have to read a usually lengthy book, then summarize it, ponder and critique it. This can be time consuming. Also some students just do not know how to be able to review, plot, dialogue and write descriptions. Also the time period (Victorian, Elizabethan, modern etc) can be confusing. 

Our experienced book critics have a well rounded knowledge of World Literature and can critique any book that you specify. Also rather than just providing a summary of the book, our book critics will actually critique the merit of the book based on language, setting and time frames. The Brilliant Book Report/Review provided to you will include:

  • Literary analysis
  • Plot analysis
  • Dialogue analysis
  • Character analysis
  • Critical analysis
  • Comparative analysis (if required)
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Movie Review

Our team of movie critics are well acquainted with world cinema and the nuances of screenplay, direction, acting and dialogue. The A-one movie review that you will receive will not only cover the plot of the book but also the merit of the screenplay, acting of the lead characters, casting, costumes, camera work, sound track, background, dialogues and their delivery and authenticity of the setting with respect to location, culture and time frame.
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