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Harvard Style Essay

The Harvard citation format provides that all statements, views and inferences taken from the work of another author be cited whether the cited material is quoted verbatim, paraphrased or summarized. In- text citation refers to the authors name and the date of publication. At the end of the essay list of references is given with complete bibliographic details, in addition to the page numbers from of the cited text.

In the case of a book, bibliographic detail refers to the author/ editor, the year the book was published, the name of the book, edition, volume number if any, and place and name of publisher is given. In the case of citations from journals, the reference will include the name of the author, the year the article was published, the title of the article, the name of the journal, its volume and issue numbers and the page numbers from which the material used was taken. For Harvard citation of electronic sources the referencing is a little different, reference will have all the details given in the case of books and journals and will also contain the name of the database or the URL (web address), and the date on which the material was accessed. | Buy College Papers |

Basically, referencing shows readers that it is a non- plagiarized essay and also to use material citied for further research. Normally in Harvard style essay the information is found in proximity to the title page. Our custom paper writing service ensures that the papers we deliver to you are completely according to the requirements. So if you order for a Harvard Style Essay our job will be to provide you a proper Harvard Style Essay.